Femtoneurobiomagnetic Therapy And Psychoneuroimmunology-FTP

Our Course Modules

Modules Theory [90 mins] Practicals [15 mins]
1 History and evolution of Varma Chakra and Shakthi Meditation
2 Fundamentals of the science Marma/Varma 5 sense Meditation and mudra
3 Introduction to Varma Anatomy Shanmuki Mudra,Earth Meditation
4 Introduction to Biomagnetic enhancement techniques with parameter variation Oil lamp meditations
5 Neurobiowiring theory Neurobiowiring practicals
6 Bioneurocurrent sequencing(Amirtakalai otam) Practicals
7 Bow and Arrow-Brain Marma Activation sequence Kaavadi Meditation,midbrain meditation
8 Functional Anatomy and biology(Varma mudirai Priyogam) Meditation for digestion,mudra and linear walk
9 Introduction to Siddha Psychology Photo gazing/Sun-moon gazing
10 Whole Body Marma Practicals
11 Varma for Defense Defence Practicals
12 Exam,Feedback and Summary Shanthi Meditation

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