Balu Vemburaj

Balu Vemburaj hails from Berkeley Heights, NJ. As an IT Security professional and Agile Change Manager/Coach working for a data company, Balu understood how to manage his own health much better than his company. Back home Balu got an opportunity to learn Indian classical music(Carnatic) at a very young age as small as a Toddler . As a grown-up he became a certified Kundalini Master in the Simplified Kundalini Yoga Foundation which is part of the World Community Service Center in US. After attending the courses from Siddha-Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary studies, Balu got much inspiration and decided to give a talk about the connection between Music and Chakras, which he found relevant and makes sense to him. Aspiring to be a Marma healer/teacher in the near future and spread ancient science knowledge to humanity, Balu continues his journey towards consciousness like most of you.

Siddha Vetha