Our dedicated Faculty

Selva Shunmugam P


Selva Shunmugam, P., BSMS, MD(Siddha), PhD a faculty in Siddha Vetha. He is also the Secretary and Siddha Consultant of Health India Foundation Clinic for Integrated Siddha and Allopathic medicine. He is a founder member and Director of World Siddha Trust. He is also a Research Professor at the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) at Baltimore. He has contributed more than 15 years in developing Siddha System and has 7 years of research experience in Siddha-Allopathic Integrative medicine. He served in National Institute of Siddha. Dr. Shunmugam is an experienced physician who encountered various clinical conditions in densely populated countries which makes him much experienced. He has presented more than 32 research papers in National and International conferences. Received best paper award for the paper entitled “Neikkuri - One of the Siddha Investigative parameters, Characteristics and case study” presented in International Conference on the role of Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeopathy in the 21st Century held at Chennai. He has also received several awards from organizations such a FeTNA and Washington Tamil Sangam for exploring Siddha System through systematic and scientific approach.

Ravindran Khannan


Prof. Ravindran is a natural therapist and healer. He has an MD in Acupressure and a professor practicing Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He was under the able guidance of world renowned Dr.Devendra Vora, a master in acupressure and natural therapist. Prof. Ravindran was initiated to yoga by Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi - Founder of World Community Service Center, Chennai. A prolific speaker, he has conducted workshops and demonstrations in US, India etc. on acupressure and Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He is a visiting professor and Advisory Board Member at Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies.

Sundar Balasubramanian


Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian, Ph.D. is a researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina studying cancer therapeutics, and Yoga. His recent research provides evidence for how Pranayama (Yogic breathing) practices could promote wellbeing in health and disease. Sundar is a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Integral Yoga Teachers Association, and is an IAYT-certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). He is the Founder/Director of PranaScience Institute, and was a speaker at TEDx Charleston 2015. He has recently published a book titled “PranaScience: Decoding Yoga Breathing”.

Siddha Vetha