A ‘grave’ lack of social understanding about the essential importance of personal and collective awareness forebodes inescapable consequences for our environment, economy, education, health care and the society at large. Over twenty years of experiential and objective research, have discovered and tested reliable methods for rapidly educating individuals and groups, to achieve, as well as socially-sustain, direct-experiences of collective awareness. By facilitating humanity’s innate capacity to access its ever-evolving intelligence, anyone and everyone will be empowered and supported to achieve, as well as effortlessly share, a common-intelligence ~ whether alone, or in a group. We are offering this model educational environment to reliably cultivate a resilient intelligence capable of solving the complex challenges currently facing humanity.

With this in mind, the scope, purpose, and basic tenets of our educational programs are to transform its faculty and students into fully shared conscious global citizens seeking the future, in recognition of the foundations of the past and in undertaking research to develop and enhance innovation and technologies using as resources both ancient and modern wisdom and knowledge, to grow the local, national and global economies in a sustainable fashion with the goal of creating enabled individuals that in time will lead to a world at peace with itself.


Our academic and community education programs are for anyone who chooses to be a discerning, self-aware, action-oriented learner capable of substantial self-direction. This transition away from traditional, educational systems found in conventional institutions is essential as a base for conscious leadership, innovation and sustainability. Every student studying to become a professional, needs to know how to co-create with others in a non-hierarchical way. Learning-by-doing stimulates insightful questioning and reflexive listening, motivating students to learn and act more productively. Our programs utilize ways by which any student and/or group can reliably take full control of their lives.

Siddha Vetha