Dr.Rajan Narayanan

C. Rajan Narayanan, PhD, C-IAYT* is the chief clinician and researcher of Life in Yoga’s Measured Yoga Therapy and serves as the Executive Director of two non-profits: Life in Yoga Foundation (estd 2006) and Life in Yoga Institute (estd 2011). Dr. Narayanan’s most recent publication Bioenergy and its Implication for Yoga Therapy. reflects his research of several years. He led Life in Yoga Institute to become the first yoga institution to get independent accreditation to give continuing medical education credits to doctors in 2014. He established a therapy center in Maryland in 2013. Since 2016 beginning with the curing of an incurable condition -- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- for a Houston philanthropist, a therapy clinic was also established in Houston in October 2016. Starting January 2018 a clinic has been established in Phoenix, AZ as well. He is preparing to bring Life in Yoga services to Northern California. His focus at this time is to bring the benefits of Measured Yoga Therapy to employees of companies through the company management with a goal of bringing better health to employees that also increase productivity and health care costs.

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